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Get your Vision Zero yard signs!

December 2022 update: SDOT’s new Stop For Flock’s Sake signs (in addition to all other signs) are available for pick up at 4 community centers and 6 Customer Service Centers (big thank you to our partner City departments for serving as pick up points!). Please find the specific locations below.

Community Centers

In partnership with Seattle Parks and Recreation, a limited number of yard signs are available for pick-up at the following community centers. Please visit their web pages for specific hours:


Customer Service Centers

Signs are also available at 6 of the City's Customer Service Centers. Please visit their webpages for specific hours and to learn more about other services offered. 

  • Ballard Customer Service Center, 5604 22nd Ave NW, (206) 684-4060 
  • Central Customer Service Center, 464 12th Ave, First Floor, (206) 684-4767 
  • Lake City Customer Service Center, 12525 28th Ave NE, 2nd Floor (co-located in the Lake City branch of Seattle Public Library), (206) 684-7526 
  • Southeast Customer Service Center, 3815 S Othello St, Suite 105, (206)  386-1931
  • Southwest Customer Service Center, 2801 SW Thistle St, (206) 684-7417 
  • University Customer Service Center, 4534 University Way NE, (206) 684-7542 

Where can I put them?

Place signs on either your private property or in public locations that do not obstruct visibility for people traveling.

  • YES: in a traffic circle or planting strip, or on your property.
  • NO: on someone else's property (without their permission), or too close to an intersection that it blocks visibility.
  • Slow The Flock Down ​and Stop For Flock's Sake signs should be placed only on arterials with a 25 MPH speed limit (arterials have a line painted in the middle). 
  • 20 is plenty signs should be placed within school zones or on residential streets (the speed limit of all residential streets in Seattle is 20 MPH)

Current Signs


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