N 130TH St Vision Zero Safety Corridor

Updated June 25, 2024

What's Happening Now?

We continue to install curb ramps and repave sections of the street on N 130th St. To minimize the impacts during the closure on N 145th St, we are primarily working on the weekends. When weekday work is required, we will work from 9 AM – 3 PM to avoid the busiest commute times. We will maintain one travel lane in each direction at all times and provide detours for people walking, rolling, and biking through the area.

Flaggers will be on-site to direct traffic and assist people walking, rolling, and biking crossing the street.

Project overview

We are making safety and accessibility improvements on N 130th St between 1st Ave NE and Stone Ave N as a part of our Vision Zero commitment to ending traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030. We will reconfigure the street to improve safety, create connections to Sound Transit’s future NE 130th St Infill Station, and accommodate new bus service from King County Metro.

This project complements other planned safety and mobility projects in the area and includes:

  • Reducing the speed limit on N 130th St to 25 miles per hour to improve safety for all users. People walking, rolling, or biking are twice as likely to be killed if they are hit at 30 MPH than 25 MPH.
  • Reconfiguring the street from four through lanes to two through lanes with a center turn lane to simplify vehicle left turns and reduce backups caused by queueing vehicles
  • Installing protected bike lanes on both sides of the street to improve biking connections and safety
  • Adding protected left turns at Meridian Ave N, Ashworth Ave N, and Stone Ave N to improve turning operations through these intersections
  • Adding ‘No Turn On Red’ restrictions at 1st Ave NE, Meridian Ave N, Ashworth Ave N, and Stone Ave N to improve pedestrian, bicycle and overall operational safety

Project Map

A map showing the proposed project limits and other proposed or current projects in the area

Existing configuration of N 130th St (1st Ave N – Stone Ave N)

This image shows the current configuration of north 130th street. Each side of the street has a 6 foot sidewalk, 4 foot planting strip, a 10 foot outside travel lane, and an 11 foot inside travel lane

Proposed reconfiguration of N 130th St (1st Ave NE – Stone Ave N)

Proposed layout of typical street configuration. Each side of the street includes a 6 feet wide sidewalk, 4 feet wide planting strip, 5 feet wide protected bike lane with a 2 feet wide buffer, and 11 feet wide vehicle lanes. There is also a 10 feet wide center turn lane.


This image shows the project phases and indicates that we are in the early design phase

Early 2024: Upgrade curb ramps to Americans with Disability (ADA) standards. Complete early design of new lane configuration.

Mid 2024: Repave the street. Complete final design of new lane configuration.

Late 2024: Reconfigure the street from four through lanes to 2 through lanes with a center turn lane and protected bike lanes


These improvements are funded in part by the Vison Zero program through the Levy to Move Seattle


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