Safe Routes to School: Broadview-Thomson & Cedar Park Elementary

Updated June 26, 2024

What's Happening Now?

Construction Starting

As soon as mid-June, we will start construction of Phase 2 of the pedestrian improvements along Greenwood Ave N, with additional project locations following. Please check back on this project webpage to get the latest updates. 


Typical construction hours are weekdays, 7 AM to 5 PM, and may include weekend work. Other expected construction impacts may include:

  • Temporary driveway impacts
  • Noise, vibration, dust, and debris
  • Construction staging and parking impacts near the work sites
  • “No Parking” areas and other parking impacts
  • Sidewalk closures, and detours for people walking and biking

**PLEASE MOVE VEHICLES when you see "No Parking" signs to avoid being towed

SDOT estimates there are as many as 46 currently used private spaces that are illegally encroaching on the public right-of-way. As we construct new sidewalks in your area, much of that illegal parking space will be replaced by new, safer walking areas on the sidewalks, planting strips, and defined driveways and curbs.

Public parking will remain in most places, but there will be fewer spaces than are currently being used in the area right now. Vehicle drivers will be expected to follow standard parallel parking rules as seen in Downtown and other major arterials around Seattle. Please take care to observe new signage along the street and to park in designated legal parking areas.

Photo showing new sidewalk area and parking spaces to be removed

Photo showing new sidewalk area and parking spaces to be removed

Project Overview

The Safe Routes to School Program strives to reduce barriers and equitable access for school students by improving walking and biking connections to schools by ensuring sidewalks, marked crosswalks, and asphalt pathways have positive impacts in community. This project focuses on enhancing connections to Broadview Thomson K-8 and Cedar Park Elementary School, both of which are high-ranking priority schools.

Project Locations 

The scope of work will be installed in two project areas: 

  1. Broadview-Thomson and Greenwood Ave N 
  2. Cedar Park in Lake City 

Broadview Thomson K-8 School

SDOT began developing designs for new sidewalks along Greenwood Ave N (N 117th St to N 130th St) connecting to Broadview Thomson K-8 in 2018 with support from the SPU Broadview Partnership Program. After the Greenwood Sidewalks Project reached 90% design, federal Safe Routes to School grant funding was awarded to the northern end of the project area (N 125th St and N 130th St) along with a new north-south neighborhood greenway on 1st Ave NW. Project elements include:

  • New sidewalks on both sides of Greenwood Ave N between N 125th St and N 130th St
  • Neighborhood greenway on 1st Ave NW and Palatine Ave N between N 110th St and N 130th St
  • Neighborhood greenway on 1st Ave NW and N 132nd St between Greenwood Ave N and N 137th St
  • Sidewalk widening on the west side of Greenwood Ave N between N 132nd St, and the mid-block pedestrian signal to the south

Click on this map for a screen reader accessible version

Click on this map for a screen reader accessible version

Cedar Park Elementary School

The scope of work for this project is based on Safe Routes to School, Pedestrian Master Plan (PMP), Neighborhood Greenway, Bicycle Master Plan (BMP), and Vision Zero prioritization criteria as well as input from project outreach and complete streets elements:

  • New sidewalk on the south side of NE 135th St between Lake City Way NE and 35th Ave NE

  • New neighborhood greenway on NE 135th St between 27th Ave NE and 37th Ave NE with associated treatments:

    • Asphalt pathway connecting the street ends on NE 135th St between 27th Ave NE and 30th Ave NE

    • New marked crosswalks on both arterial legs of 30th Ave NE & NE 135th St

    • New marked crosswalk with RRFB on the north leg of 35th Ave NE & NE 135th St

Click on this map for a screen reader accessible version

What is a Neighborhood Greenway?

Neighborhood greenways are safer, calm residential streets for you, your family and neighbors that make people walking and biking the priority. On streets with low car volumes and speeds a greenway can:

• Improve safety

• Help people cross busy streets

• Discourage cars from using neighborhood streets to avoid main streets

• Keep speeds low

Neighborhood greenways can include:

• easier crossings of busy streets with crosswalks, flashing beacons, or crossing signals

• speed humps to calm traffic

• stop signs for side streets crossing the greenway

• signs and pavement markings to help people find their way

• 20 mph speed limit signs


This project was funded by WSDOT Safe Routes to School Grant, New Sidewalks Neighborhood Greenways and SPU Broadview Partnership CIP.

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Greg Spotts, Director
Address: 700 5th Ave, Suite 3800, Seattle, WA, 98104
Mailing Address: PO Box 34996, Seattle, WA, 98124-4996
Phone: (206) 684-7623

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