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Updated: November 1, 2021     

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The West Seattle High-Rise Bridge closure is creating congestion and air pollution for people living along detour routes in Duwamish Valley neighborhoods, like Highland Park, Roxhill, South Delridge, Roxbury, Georgetown, South Park and SODO.

When it's time to travel, walking or wheelingbiking or scootingriding transit, vanpooling, or staying local, could all save you the headache of sitting in traffic and protect the health of neighbors living in impacted communities. 

Have to drive? Watch for kids and parents traveling to/from school at all times of the day, check traffic cameras before you go, and consider driving during off-peak hours.

If you are not authorized to use the Low Bridge, then you will get a $75 citation for every trip across. The low bridge is currently closed to non-authorized vehicles from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. We are changing the restricted hours to allow everyone to use the low bridge for three additional hours, until 8 a.m. on weekends only.  For more information, email or click here to see which groups are eligible for pre-authorized low bridge access.

Drive Safe

Speeds that kill pedestrian

The speed limit on all residential (non-arterial) streets is 20 MPH. The speed limit on arterial streets is 25 MPH, unless otherwise posted.

Speed is the critical factor in the severity and frequency of crashes and hurting or killing people.

Look out for pedestrians and other travelers.

Drivers are required to allow people walking, wheeling, biking, or scooting to cross the road within marked AND unmarked crosswalks.

Slow down and follow the speed limit.

Slow down and follow the speed limit. Speed kills.

Yield to pedestrians and people on bikes when turning.

When turning, yield to people walking, wheeling, biking, and scooting.

Do Not Text and Drive

It is against the law to text or use a hand-held cell phone when driving.

Use caution when nearby schools

As schools reopen with staggered start and end times, you will see parents and children walking, biking and rolling to and from school. Some residential streets nearby schools may temporarily become Stay Healthy Streets to give more room for people to spread out during pick-up and drop-off times. Parents and community organizations: did you know there are resources available  to organize or support safer routes to school?

Transportation for seniors and people with special transportation needs

The website links older adults and people with disabilities to transportation options in your area. The Sound Generations' West Seattle Hyde Shuttle offers free door-to-door van service throughout Southwest Seattle for adults 55 years and older and for people with disabilities.

find a ride logo          hyde shuttles sound logo
Select your area and your accessibility needs and this website suggests transportation options in your area.   Shuttle transportation for seniors and people with disabilities in the Southwest Seattle area. Click to book or call (206) 727-6262. Interpreter services are available upon request.

Spokane St Swing Bridge (Low Bridge)

Help us keep the Spokane St Swing Bridge (low bridge) clear for emergency vehicles, transit, and heavy freight. Don't go low - instead, use the other ways to get to and from West Seattle. An automated photo enforcement system on the low bridge was activated in January 2021. If you are not authorized to use the low bridge, then you could get a $75 citation for every trip across it. For more information about the low bridge and who is authorized to use it, visit our Spokane St Swing Bridge (low bridge) webpage.


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