Access to Very Frequent (10-Minute) Transit Service

In 2015, Seattle voters approved the Levy to Move Seattle, a nine-year, $930 million levy to improve Seattle's transportation network. One of the goals set forth as a part of Move Seattle was to provide 72% of Seattle households with 10-minute or better all-day transit service within a 10-minute walk by the year 2025. When the levy was approved in 2015, only 25% of households had access to this level of service. Over the past four years, primarily through transit service investments through the Seattle Transportation Benefit District, this number has steadily increased. Today, about 70% of Seattle households have access to at least one route providing this level of service - within only 2% of our 2025 goal, with six years to go.

Percent of Households with Access to Very Frequent Transit Service Coverage of the Very Frequent Transit Network