3rd Ave S and S Main St Bus Stop

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April 3, 2023

What's Happening Now?

We’re designing improvements to the bus stop on 3rd Ave S between S Washington St and S Main St to create a safer, more accessible, and more comfortable experience for people waiting for the bus. The project will help improve bus travel times and reliability by creating a better functioning bus stop and repairing and reconfiguring the street.

We expect to complete project design by late 2023 and begin construction in 2024. We'll have more information later this Spring about project design and opportunities for feedback. 

Project Overview

We’re designing and implementing this project in partnership with King County Metro. This project was first identified as part of the Third Avenue Transit Corridor Improvement Project, which began in 2015. The Third Avenue Transit Corridor stretches from Denny Way to S Jackson St, connecting Belltown, the Central Business District, and Pioneer Square. 

Each day the Third Avenue Transit Corridor is used by 65,000 people walking and rolling and provides transit connections for people riding the bus throughout the entire city and region. Prior to the pandemic, more than 2,500 buses used Third Avenue, moving more than 100,000 people each day. About 850 buses serving approximately 20 different bus routes use the bus stop at 3rd Ave S and S Main St each day. It is currently used by approximately 2,500 bus riders each weekday, making it King County Metro's 11th busiest stop.  

The existing bus stop at 3rd Ave S and S Main St currently lacks the accessibility and design features for such a busy bus stop. There are narrow sidewalks (9-11 feet) with no separation from the adjacent parking lot. There is only one bus shelter with limited lighting, no seating, and no electrical power. Improvements at the bus stop will include widening of sidewalks, repainting crosswalks, adding pedestrian lighting, planting new trees, and other bus stop amenities including: 

  • Bus shelters
  • Seating 
  • Real-time bus arrival information 
  • ORCA card reader

To help buses travel more smoothly, we’ll repair the road with new concrete paving and re-configure the street to be southbound only. The existing on-street parking on the east side of the street will remain but the direction will be reversed for the new southbound-only street design. 

Storm sewer improvements at 3rd Ave S and S Main St from Seattle Public Utilities Spot Sewer Repair Program are also being completed with this project.  

Project Area

We’re improving the bus stop located on the west side of 3rd Ave S, between S Washington St and S Main St.

A graphic map showing the location of the planned bus stop on the west side of 3rd Ave S, between S Washington St and S Main St. Click for a PDF version.

Existing street design:  

A graphic map indicating existing features of the roadways and blocks around the planned bus stop, including crosswalks, bike only lanes, turn lanes, and the Seattle Union Gospel Mission facilities. Click for a larger PDF version.

Image of damaged street at the existing stop that we will repair with concrete.Pictured above: damaged street that we will repair with concrete.   

A photo taken looking down 3rd at the existing bus stop shelter with a bus at the curb.

Pictured above: people waiting at the existing bus stop

Future street design:  

A graphic map showing the locations of planned features to improve the existing bus stop at 3rd and Main, including a wider sidewalk, new trees, a concrete bus pad, and new shelter with lighting.

Project Schedule

The schedule below shows planned milestones and is subject to change:

  • July 2022: 30% design
  • June 2023: 60% design 
  • August 2023: 90% design
  • October 2023: Final design 
  • Spring 2024: Construction begins
  • End of 2024: Construction complete 


This project is largely funded through grants from the Federal Transit Administration.  Funding provided by the FTA will only fund the improvements on 3rd Ave S between S Washington and S Main St. Additional funding sources include Move Seattle Levy, King County Metro and Seattle Public Utilities.

Project Materials

Project materials will be shared as they are developed.

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