Curbspace Access Sounding Board

Curbspace Access Sounding Board

SDOT is re-convening the Curbspace Access Sounding Board, which previously met as the Parking Sounding Board, with a new, broader focus on curbspace access in downtown Seattle and other neighborhood business districts. The Curbspace Sounding Board will provide a space where SDOT can hear from neighborhood business and other organizations about their experiences with curbspace policies and access issues that affect customers, visitors, employees, and goods and services deliveries. 

Meeting Materials

May 25, 2021 Handout
February 2, 2021 Presentation
December 13, 2019 NotesPresentation
July 16, 2015 Agenda, Notes, Presentation
May 21, 2015 Agenda, Notes
July 10, 2014 Agenda, Notes, Presentation
February 6, 2014 Agenda, Minutes, Presentation
November 14, 2013 Agenda, Minutes, Presentation
June 21, 2013 Agenda, Minutes, Presentation
February 23, 2012 Agenda, Presentation
October 6, 2011 Agenda, Minutes, Presentation
September 15, 2011 Agenda, Minutes, Presentation
August 4, 2011 Agenda, Minutes, Presentation, Handout
July 14, 2011 Agenda, Minutes, Presentation, Summary of June 23, 2011 Expert Panel
July 23, 2011 Agenda, Minutes, Video clip of San Francisco's SF Park Program
June 9, 2011 Agenda, Minutes, Presentation


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Mailing Address: PO Box 34996, Seattle, WA, 98124-4996
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