Performance-Based Parking Pricing Program

What we do

SDOT sets on-street parking rates and hours of operation based on data to achieve a goal of 1 to 2 spaces available per block. This means that visitors and shoppers can find a parking spot more easily, with less time spent driving around circling in traffic.

Program goals

SDOT adjusts rates, time limits and paid hours of operation to:

  • Help customers reliably find parking within walking distance of their destinations
  • Reduce emissions and lessen traffic congestion from drivers circling in search of parking
  • Increase access to businesses by ensuring turnover of parked cars

The City established this program in 2010 by adopting Seattle Municipal Code 11.16.121. To determine parking conditions, SDOT uses a sophisticated model that predicts parking activity based on transactions and regularly collected counts throughout the city. Data are used to determine potential changes to rates, time limits, and paid parking hours by comparing results to our target range of 70% - 85% occupancy.