Car sharing and parking regulations
Car sharing and parking regulations

Car Sharing and Parking Regulations

Car sharing is a system where a fleet of vehicles is made available for use by members. Vehicles are generally available at dispersed, unstaffed locations and are available to members 24/7 without a separate written agreement. Anyone who is a qualified driver can become a member.

Car sharing vehicle zones

Some parking spaces throughout the city are designated for car sharing vehicles. A specific operator is permitted to use each space. Only vehicles owned by the designated operator can park in these spaces. Follow the rules of the specific car sharing company about which vehicles may be parked where. Some companies require you to return a car to the same space where you got it, while others allow you to end your rental in a different location.

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Free-floating car sharing is a system where a car sharing company has permits to park in most types of on-street space. If you're a member, you can pick a vehicle up in one location and drop it off in another within a defined free-floating zone (usually covering all or almost all City right-of-way). 

Free-floating car sharing vehicles MAY park:

  • In paid parking areas, without paying separately 
  • In time-limited parking areas, without regard to the time limit 
  • In Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) areas

Free-floating car sharing vehicles MAY NOT park: For longer than 72 hours, regardless of where they are parked 

  • In bus zones 
  • In designated car sharing spaces, UNLESS permitted to do so 
  • In no parking or tow-away zones 
  • In any type of load zone 
  • In any type of zone reserved for a different vehicle type (food vehicle zones, carpool zones, taxi zones, etc.)