There’s a lot going on in SODO. Roadway, transit, and on-street parking changes are coming in Spring 2018. These include:

  • Roadway: Closing of Lander Street between 1st Ave S and 3rd Ave S for around two years during Lander Street Bridge Construction. A pedestrian path will be provided through the area during construction.
  • Transit: New frequent transit stops are coming to 1st Ave S between S Lander St and Edgar Martinez Dr, connecting this area of SODO to West Seattle, downtown Seattle / King Street Station, and beyond. King County Metro is also active in the area through Community Connections Project.
  • Parking: New areas of time limits and load zones will be added on and near 1st Ave S to improve short term customer and visitor access.

For more information see our neighborhood mailer.

What’s happening now?

SODO mapSDOT completed an on-street parking and duration study in SODO in spring 2017. We found that:

  • On-street parking areas without time limits were generally full from early morning until the afternoon
  • Existing time limits in the area are effective at creating short term parking availability
We reviewed area parking study results with area stakeholders and are installing new areas of time limits, adding a new section of on-street parking on 1st Ave S, and adding new load zones near the Living Computer Museum. In commercial and mixed-use areas, SDOT prioritizes short-term customer and visitor parking over all-day commuter parking. Making these changes now aligns with new transit service coming to 1st Ave S and the two-year closure of S Lander Street for bridge construction.

Outreach – Past Meetings and Materials

May 17, 2017: SODO BIA Transportation Committee study area handout

August 16, 2017: SODO BIA Transportation Committee parking study results summary handout

September 20, 2017: SODO BIA Transportation Committee parking study discussion handout

February 2018: Neighborhood Mailer


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