Chief Sealth High School Walkway Improvements

Updated: June 5, 2019

 This project is complete!

This project was completed in December 2018.

We completed construction in December 2018 and the pedestrian lighting has been activated, resulting in safer pathways for people walking and biking.

We'd like to thank parents, school staff, and neighbors for your patience and cooperation while we completed this Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) project. The completion of the Chief Sealth High School Walkway Improvements Project would not have been possible without the community's support.

Project Background

In 2016, the Chief Sealth High School Walkway project was one of 12 selected by the Levy to Move Seattle Oversight Committee to be funded through SDOT’s Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) Program. The project aimed to improve connectivity, walkability, and safety for residents and students who were using unfinished and overgrown paths on 25th Ave SW and 26th Ave SW, between SW Trenton St and SW Cloverdale St. 

Final Design Concept

In early 2017, we presented an early design concept to the public through field visits, emails, and briefings with community groups. The feedback we received helped inform final design.

map of project area and improvements

Project Elements

Project improvements include:

  • Installation of two 10-foot-wide walkways on 25th Ave SW and 26th Ave SW connecting SW Trenton St and the cul-de-sacs to the north. The 26th Ave SW walkway will be constructed with asphalt. The 25th Ave SW walkway will be constructed with compacted gravel. SDOT crews will install asphalt on the 25th Ave SW walkway at a later date
  • Installation of pedestrian lighting along the two paths
  • Removal of overgrown vegetation and installation of new trees and plants, where appropriate
  • Installation of concrete curb bulb extension and ADA curb ramps at 26th Ave SW and SW Trenton St

Before and After

25th Ave SW walkway zoomed out 25th Ave SW walkway after
25th Ave SW walkway
26th Ave SW curb bulbs 26th Ave SW curb bulbs corner view
26th Ave SW curb bulbs
26th Ave SW walkway 26th Ave SW walkway
26th Ave SW walkway 

Project Funding

Funding comes from the 2015 voter-approved, nine-year Levy to Move Seattle, which will improve safety for all travelers, maintain streets and bridges, and invest in reliable, affordable travel options for a growing city. The levy includes $24 million to continue the Neighborhood Street Fund program over the nine years.



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