Applicant Guides

How to Estimate Permit Timelines

The Targeted for date found on each permit step on the Seattle Services Portal represents the "typical" time it takes to process that step only and does not account for total time of a review cycle. For most Street Use permits, a review cycle includes multiple permit steps.  

Current permit timelines can be found on our Street Use Permitting Timelines and Updates website. Information on our permit steps and how we estimate the Targeted for dates can be found in our Understanding the Street Use Permit Process, Status, Target Dates, and Permit Timelines help article

Applicant Guides are resources for permit applicants that provide detailed information related to permitting requirements and processes. Applicant Guides should not be used as a substitute for the Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) or Director's Rules. The applicant is responsible for complying with all SMC and rule requirements, whether or not it is described in an Applicant Guide. Visit our Codes, Rules & Tools page for reference links. You can access the SMC online