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Ready to Ride the Streetcar?

Like Mom always said: safety first! Learn how to ride safely.

You can pay your fare by using your ORCA Card, the Transit GO app, or by buying a paper ticket using cash or card at a pay station. Learn about payment and fares.

Plan your trip by consulting the Seattle Streetcar Route Map, Seattle Streetcar Real-Time Map, or by using transit tools and resources

The Seattle Streetcar is accessible and easy to board for all users. Bicycles and service animals are permitted aboard. Learn more about accessibility.

Read the Seattle Streetcar Reports to learn how it serves the Seattle area.

Connecting to Transit

Both the South Lake Union and First Hill lines connect to multiple bus routes and the Link light rail. The South Lake Union Line - Westlake Hub (McGraw Square) is also one block from the Seattle Center Monorail - Westlake Center Station, which travels between downtown and Seattle Center. Click on the links below to learn more about each transit option and their fares.

In addition, the Center City Connector will provide better access for ferry travelers arriving at Coleman Dock, and will share a platform at Madison St. with the future Madison Bus Rapid Transit route.

Current Projects

Seattle Streetcar's Story

Historic black and white photograph of the Seattle streetcar

Seattle's first electric streetcars opened in 1889 and by 1892, the city had 48 miles of electric streetcars and 22 miles of cable railway.  In 1902, the Seattle-Tacoma Interurban Railway opened, which includes stops in Rainier Beach, Renton, and Kent. And by 1910, a Mount Vernon-to-Bellingham line opens. Learn more about Seattle's long streetcar history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you are using a mobility device or a stroller, you can choose to press the blue button to deploy the bridge-plate that bridges the small gap between the streetcar and the platform. More information on accessibility and bikes.

The streetcar does not automatically stop at every station. Press the yellow stop request strip to request your stop. You'll know when your stop is coming up because the next stop is announced by audio and shown on a digital message display inside the streetcar.

The adult single-ride fare is $2.25, and you can pay with a paper ticket or with an ORCA Card. Learn more.

Streetcars run every 10-15 minutes. You can check arrival times at the station or online using NextBus. More information on streetcar schedules can be found on the page for each line.

View the Seattle Streetcar Route Map to find a station near you and near your destination.


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