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Move Seattle

Move Seattle is our strategic 10-year vision for transportation that pulls together and integrates our plans for walking, biking, transit, and freight and prioritizes projects. It's organized around our core values to create a safe, interconnected, vibrant, affordable, and innovate city for all.

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SDOT Art Plan

Streets, sidewalks, and other transportation right of way makes up 27% of the land in Seattle, providing a great canvas for incorporating art, culture, and creativity into the city's landscape. 

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Trees and Sidewalks

Street trees and sidewalks play a key role in our quality of life. But sometimes, conflicts arise between them - maybe the wrong type of tree was planted some time ago and it's now heaving the sidewalk. This plan helps address these conflicts and clarifies roles and responsibilities of residents, businesses, and property owners.

Shoreline Street Ends Work Plan cover

Shoreline Street Ends Work Plan

SDOT's shoreline street ends program improves public access, protects unique views, enhances habitat, supports maritime industry, and fosters stewardship to create long-lasting community assets. This plan guides SDOT's work and supports the policy direction outlined in the 1996 Council resolution.

Transportation Strategic Plan 2005 cover

Transportation Strategic Plan (1998) (2005)

In 1998 and 2005, we developed a Transportation Strategic Plan that outlined specific strategies, projects, and programs to meet citywide transportation goals and policies. It has since been replaced by an Action Agenda and our more recent Move Seattle plan.

ITS Strategic Plan cover

Intelligent Transportation Systems Plan

Technology can help us make more efficient use of our streets. Through Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), we can use communications technologies on the street and via automated traffic systems, to improve safety and mobility for all travelers. 

Industrials Areas Freight Access cover

Industrial Areas Freight Access

This document identifies truck -freight transportation infrastructure investments needed over the next 20 years to keep Seattle’s industrial lands—the Manufacturing/Industrial Centers of the Greater Duwamish and the Ballard/Interbay Northend—vibrant and productive to meet the challenges of the future and to keep Seattle moving.


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