Seattle is one of the fastest growing large cities in the country. While this growth provides opportunities for economic development, it also places significant demands on our transportation system. And we’re tasked with maintaining our streets while also building out a system that improves safety for all travelers and helps keep people and goods moving.

SDOT's annual budget for 2017 is approximately $450 million and comes from a range of sources, including taxes, fees and charges for service, the City’s general fund, grants, and bonds.

In November 2015, Seattle voters approved a 9-year, $930 million transportation Levy to Move Seattle, providing funding to improve safety for all travelers, maintain our streets and bridges, and invest in reliable, affordable travel options for a growing city. The levy provides roughly 30% of the City's transportation budget and replaces the 9-year, $365 Bridging the Gap levy approved by voters in 2006.

With the levy and additional funding sources, we're tasked with maintaining Seattle's transportation infrastructure, which is valued at more than $20 billion, and includes:

  • 1,547 lane-miles of arterial streets
  • 2,407 lane-miles of neighborhood (non-arterial) streets
  • 118 bridges and 498 stairways
  • 590 retaining walls
  • 22 miles of seawalls
  • 215 traffic cameras
  • 1,077 signalized intersections
  • 340 miles of on-street bicycle facilities
  • 41,000 street trees
  • 1,724 parking pay station locations
  • 28,086 curb ramps
  • More than 184,000 signs
  • 110 acres of SDOT-managed landscape areas

Learn more about our transportation inventory and how we manage these assets.

Read more about the City’s budget process, view the full 2017 transportation budget, and more at the City Budget Office.


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