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This map reflects the areas where cable service is available in Seattle from Comcast and Astound (formerly Wave). For residents living in apartment or condominium buildings, the options for cable service providers can be limited by existing service agreements between a cable operator and the building owner or condo association, as well as the capacity of internal cable wiring in the building. For questions about the cable service options available for your building, talk with your landlord or condo association.

*Always be sure to read the notes and fine print to see what other fees may apply to certain service choices.


Comcast is the City's largest cable operator serving approximately 98,000 Seattle subscribers with cable television, telephony and high-speed Internet service. Comcast service is available in most of Seattle. To contact Comcast customer service call toll free (800) 266-2278 (1-800-COMCAST).

Astound (formerly Wave) serves approximately 5,000 Seattle cable subscribers with cable television and Internet service in the Central Area, International District, Downtown and parts of Capitol Hill, Beacon Hill and Queen Anne. To contact Astound's customer service call toll free (866) 928-3123.

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