Policies and Director's Rules

Director's Rules

Director's Rules are administrative rules adopted according to the Administrative Code (Seattle Municipal Code Chapter 3.02). Public notice of all Seattle IT Director's Rules is published in the City's official newspaper, currently the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, prior to adoption. Please contact Seattle IT if you have questions or requests concerning Director's Rules.

Note: Rules promulgated prior to April 6, 2016 refer to Seattle IT's predecessor department, the Department of Information Technology (DoIT). These rules are still in effect and are administered by Seattle IT.

ITD Director’s Rule 2017-01. This Rule applies to cable operators franchised to provide cable service in the City of Seattle. ITD Director’s Rule 2017-01 provides procedures that Seattle Information Technology Department’s Office of Cable Communications will implement to determine whether a franchised cable operator is in compliance with the privacy requirements of SMC 21.60.825. The Rule requires Cable Operators to obtain opt-in consent before sharing a customer’s web browsing history or otherwise use such information unless it is necessary to render a service ordered by the customer or pursuant to a subpoena or valid court order authorizing disclosure, or to a governmental entity. Cable operators must attest to compliance with this rule by September 30, 2017, and annually thereafter.

DoIT Director's Rule 2015-01. The purpose of this Rule is to document the procedures to be followed in determining whether franchised cable operators are satisfying the Service to low-income households requirement of SMC 21.60.170. The Rule provides the procedures that the Department of Information Technology's Office of Cable Communications ("OCC") will follow when reviewing cable operators' semiannual service reports, and the basis on which OCC will determine whether the cable operator is in compliance with the code requirement. This Rule applies to both incumbent and new cable operators, although we note that new cable operators shall have up to two years to ensure that at all times their service area satisfies the low-income provisions established under SMC 21.60.170. Incumbent operators will be subject to the requirement upon renewal of their existing cable franchise.


Seattle IT develops, promulgates, and implements City-wide policies and standards governing the acquisition, management, and disposition of information technology resources; and that govern the management, maintenance and operation of City information technology resources in accordance with SMC 3.23.030. Policies list below affect how City departments interact with the public using web-based technologies.

Americans with Disabilities Act. Provides notice of how the City provides people with disabilities an equal opportunity to access City services, programs and activities.

City-wide website resolution. City Council resolution establishing Seattle.Gov as the City's public website.

Privacy statement. Documents the City's commitments to protects individual privacy as they provide data and interact with the City.

City of Seattle Online Posted Content and Commentary Policy.  Describes the terms and conditions under which posted content and commentary may be moderated.

IT Security Policy. Defines a policy that helps ensure the security, availability and productive use of City of Seattle Information Technology systems and networks. 

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