How to Install a Large Notice Sign

What Is a Large Notice Sign?

A large notice sign is a 4 by 8 feet sign that is required for certain types of public notices according to the Land Use Code. We require you to post a large notice sign if your project is subject to design review or environmental review. The sign explains about proposed development for the site and public comment options.

Large signs have several required elements including a short summary of the project, site map, project graphic, information about the public comment period, and how to find more information about the project. We will provide you with all of the sign's content, except for the project graphic, after we screen your application. You need to supply the project graphic. All large signs include information similar to what is shown below.

Image of a large notice sign.

How to Install a Large Notice Sign

  • Review and follow the installation requirements in Director's Rule 11-2017.
  • Follow the large sign template provided to you by the person who screened your application materials. If you have questions about the template, contact that person.
  • Install the sign(s) in the location(s) as directed by SDCI staff. If the location is not feasible due to site constraints, contact the person you've been working with at SDCI.
  • Make sure the sign is installed before you submit your large sign confirmation via the Seattle Services Portal. (See How to Request an Inspection for a Large Land Use Notice Sign.)
  • Make sure your sign is clearly visible from the street and/or sidewalk.
  • Make sure your sign is accessible to SDCI staff who need to inspect it and add the public comment period dates.
  • Maintain your sign in good condition until all appeals are resolved after we publish the decision. Replace the large notice sign if it is damaged or no longer readable due to graffiti.

What Not to Do

  • Don't add or remove any content that alters the SDCI template.
  • Don't create your own sign content and project descriptions.
  • Don't request a large sign inspection before you install the sign. We go to the site soon after we receive your request. If you have not installed the large sign, that will delay our review of your application. You will be required to pay additional fees.
  • Don't install your sign behind a fence, shrubs, or landscaping.
  • Don't install your sign in a location inaccessible to SDCI staff. For example: the sign is too tall or short, requires climbing, or is on private property only accessible through locked gates.

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