Curb Cut Permit

What Is It?

You need a curb cut permit when you make a new driveway in an existing sidewalk curb. The curb cut permit is often part of a building construction permit, but may also be issued as a stand-alone permit. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) oversees curb cut permits, because curbs are on the City right-of-way. 

What It Isn't

A curb cut permit does not address parking and car storage or location, size, and number of parking spots.

Steps to Get Your Permit

If you need a stand-alone curb cut permit, you need to submit an application through the Seattle Department of Transportation. See their How Do I Submit an Application for a ROW Construction permit help article for instructions.

If you have a construction project on the site, your curb cut permit will be part of your single-family or duplex construction permit or your multi-family, commercial, mixed use, or industrial construction permit.