Innovation Advisory Committee - Overview

What is it?

Innovation Advisory Committee- photo by Seattle Dept of TransportationThe Innovation Advisory Committee is a group of experts that review proposals not covered in the technical codes. The committee:

  • Considers proposals that may not be approved under current building, residential, energy, mechanical, fuel gas, boiler, and electrical codes
  • Provides guidance on new technology or innovative design before you apply for your building permit application
  • Gives advice on sustainable technologies and new construction techniques
  • Reviews emerging technologies that could be used in multiple future projects or are being proposed for a specific project
  • Reduces the risk of adopting new technology or green building strategies

The Innovation Advisory Committee is a sub-committee of the Construction Codes Advisory Board. A recommendation from the committee may include:

  • Conditions and limits on use of the technology
  • Requirements for measuring and verifying that the technology works as designed

A favorable recommendation from the Innovation Advisory Committee helps our staff understand your proposal when we review your building permit application. Later, if we do not approve your permit application, the committee's favorable recommendation will be strongly considered if you ask the Construction Codes Advisory Board to review our decision.