Elevator & Escalator Inspections

What Is It?

Inspection of conveyances, which include escalators, material lifts, moving walks, and wheel chair lifts, are done during construction of new equipment, after alterations to existing equipment, and annually for conveyance equipment that operates on a regular basis.

When to Schedule

  • Certificate of Conveyance inspection. These are performed yearly, as close as possible to the same month of last year’s inspection as schedule and workload permits. There is no need to call to schedule these inspections, unless special circumstances arise.
  • Alteration and installation permit inspections. The inspection should be scheduled by the elevator contractor when work is complete. The contractor installing the equipment must have a valid contractor’s license from the state of Washington.

How To Schedule

To schedule an alteration and/or installation inspection, contact your elevator inspector that's responsible for the district noted on your permit. You must be a licensed elevator contractor to schedule an inspection.

Our inspectors can be reached in the office between 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. If you need to contact your inspector in the field, use the number in our elevator inspector phone list.

When calling with questions regarding elevator and escalator annual operating permits, alteration permits, or installation permits, please have the following information available:

  • The conveyance number (every elevator and escalator in the City of Seattle has a conveyance number assigned)
  • A complete and accurate address and building name where the elevator and or escalator is located
  • Permit number, project name and address, and application date, if your call is about information on new elevator and or escalator installation permits