Junk Storage & Illegal Dumping Rules

See also: Junk (Inoperable) Car & Vehicle Rules

What Is It?

A brown woman thinking about junk that needs to be thrown away.You are not allowed to store junk outdoors on your property or adjacent right-of-way, such as an alley or planting strip. Junk can be used materials, scrap metal or car parts, construction debris, furniture, trash, or inoperable vehicles. We regulate junk storage on private property.

What It Isn’t

This ordinance does not cover:

Rules to Follow

Our ordinance requires that you:

  • Keep yards, grounds, and right-of-way areas, such as planting strips, clear of junk
  • Keep items in active use (yard furniture, firewood, and materials for active construction projects) neatly stacked or stored when not in use
  • Store non-working vehicles in a garage or off site

Read the Code


The first-time penalty for violating this ordinance is $150. The penalty for additional violations is $500. Fines are higher in certain zones. Inspection charges may also apply.