Wildland-Urban Interface Code

The 2021 Washington state codes will be mandatory on March 15, 2024. The effective date for the 2021 Seattle codes is no sooner than July 1, 2024. Applicants may use the 2021 Washington codes with the draft Seattle amendments before March 15, 2024, when accompanied by a code modification request. Between March 15, 2024, and the Seattle code effective date, applicants may use either the 2018 or 2021 Seattle codes without a code modification request. Please visit the 2021 Seattle Code Adoption webpage for updates.

What Is It?

The Seattle Wildland-Urban Interface Code (SWUIC) regulates construction near wildland areas to:

  • Protect life and property from wildland fires
  • Prevent building fires from spreading to wildland areas

This code requires that you build with ignition-resistant construction (using materials and methods that make structures less likely to catch fire and burn) when your building is within a wildland-urban interface or intermix area. New buildings, other than small accessory structures, also require defensible space (to help slow down a wildfire and for fire-fighting activities) around the building.  See Tip 344 for more detailed information.

Does it apply to my project?

This code applies to construction within wildland and wildland-urban interface and intermix areas in Seattle. Enter your address into the map below and see if your site is within a wildland or wildland-urban interface or intermix area. 

A screenshot of the Wildland Urban Interface map.

If your proposed construction is within a mapped WUI interface or intermix area, or within a mapped wildland area that is determined to be WUI interface or intermix, your project will need to comply with this code. (See Tip 344 for instructions on determining the wildland urban interface designation.) 

Note: The Seattle Wildland-Urban Interface Map uses information from the Washington Wildland-Urban Interface map, which is referenced in the code.  

Read the Code

The Seattle Wildland-Urban Interface Code is a new code that will be adopted when Seattle adopts the 2021 codes. Read more about the 2021 Seattle Code Adoption.    

Once the code has been adopted, we will post the full code language on this webpage. 

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