Condominium Conversions

See also: Cooperative ConversionTenant Relocation

What Is It?

When existing apartment units are converted to condominiums, our ordinance requires:

  • Payment to tenants who don’t buy their units (called relocation assistance)
  • Inspections of the building before units are put on sale

Most regulation about condominium conversion is found in Washington state law (Chapter 64.34 RCW). These laws give tenants the right to buy their own unit and require 120 days' notice to tenants who must move out. They also have requirements for 1) notifying buyers about purchase responsibilities and costs and 2) organizing and documenting the conversion process.

Our ordinance requires that you:

  • Give tenants notice of their right to relocation assistance and information about ending rental agreements
  • File reports with us regarding conversion and payment of relocation assistance
  • Have the units inspected by a City inspector, make any needed housing code repairs, and certify and warrant those repairs

What It Isn't

This ordinance does not cover conversion of apartments to cooperatives. This alternative form of ownership is governed by separate state and local laws.

Read the Code

The Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) has more information about the Condominium Conversion Ordinance, SMC Chapter 22.903. You can also learn more by reading the state statute on condominiums, Chapter 64.34 RCW.

Proposed Changes