Environmentally Critical Areas Update - Timeline

Enviornmentally Critical Area Updates

Winter 2014

  • Review existing requirements for periodic update of ECA policies and regulations
  • Consider the Washington State Department of Commerce checklist and any updates to the best available science

Spring 2014

  • Update the Best Available Science documents

Summer and Fall 2014

  • Review the updated information for any changes made to the best available science and identify if those changes require changes to ECA policies and regulations
  • Conduct a public meeting, and provide a comment period on our best available science documents


  • Public outreach regarding proposed changes
  • Update policies and regulations and conduct a public meeting and a comment period
  • Draft regulations for public review

Spring and Summer 2016

  • Conduct SEPA review analyzing environmental consequences that may result from the proposed changes

Fall 2016 and Winter 2017

  • City Council review and public hearing
  • City Council adopts updated ECA policies and regulations 
  • Updated ECA policies and regulations took effect May 15, 2017