9.030 - Equipment

Effective Date: 10/09/19


1. The Chief of Police Approves All Equipment Standards

2. All Equipment Standards Shall be Maintained in the Equipment Reference Catalog (ERC)

Officers will only deploy equipment that complies with specifications listed in the ERC unless given written permission from the Chief of Police.

3. The Uniform and Equipment Committee (UEC) Maintains the ERC

Any requests to alter or submit new equipment specifications into the ERC shall be researched and evaluated by UEC and forwarded to the Chief of Police for final consideration.

Refer to Manual Section 9.040 – Uniform and Equipment Committee.

4. Officers Deploy With All Required Equipment

Officers shall deploy for any uniformed assignment with their:

- Department approved protective vest

- Approved belt and belt gear

- A flashlight

- At least one pair of handcuffs

- Timepiece

- ANSI-approved Traffic Safety Vest

- Department-issued riot baton, helmet, and respirator (APR)

Officers may carry optional equipment items meeting the requirements outlined in the ERC.

5. Sworn Personnel Wear an Issued Protective Vest

Officers will choose from a list of authorized vests in the ERC.

The Department shall replace the vest every 5 years. Officers shall turn in old vests upon receipt of a new one.

6. Sworn Personnel Shall Wear the Protective Vest While Performing Most Operational Duties

Officers are required to wear their protective vests when:

- Performing a uniformed assignment

- Engaging in an operation involving potentially armed suspects

- Directed by a sergeant or above

Exception: Officers with a documented medical condition may acquire a Special Needs Voucher through the Employment Services Lieutenant and select a special needs vest from the ERC.

If the officer cannot wear a vest for medical reasons, they shall submit a memorandum to the Employment Services Lieutenant via the chain of command and include documentation justifying the request for approval to deploy without a vest.

7. Department Personnel Shall Report Defective Equipment to the Facility Manager or Stationmaster

8. Department Personnel Shall Report Destroyed, Lost, or Stolen Equipment to Their Chain of Command

Employees shall report destroyed, lost, or stolen Department-issued equipment, immediately to an on-duty sergeant in their precinct/section of assignment.

The sergeant shall notify the Quartermaster of this incident within 24 hours of its reporting.

See 9.030-PRO-1 Reporting Destroyed, Stolen or Lost Equipment.

9.030-PRO-1 Reporting Destroyed, Lost, or Stolen Equipment

Department Employee

1. Completes form 13.18 – Damage/Loss of Equipment, Uniform, or Personal Property.

2. Completes a Report documenting the circumstances of the equipment incident.

Exception: If the equipment was stolen in an outside jurisdiction, reports the crime to the appropriate agency and obtains a copy of the police report.

3. Forwards form 13.18 and police report to their Precinct/Section Captain via their chain of command.

  If the item is a Department-issued firearm, badge, or protective vest, takes copies of these forms to the Quartermaster for immediate replacement.

Precinct/Section Captain

4. Forwards form 13.18 with recommendations for reimbursement of the property to the Fiscal Unit.

Fiscal Unit

5. Reviews the documentation regarding the equipment incident.

6. Determines value of the equipment to replace based on SPD Manual Section 9.050.

7. Forwards documentation to the Executive Director of Administration

Executive Director of Administration

8. Reviews the documentation regarding the equipment incident.

9. Forwards reimbursement recommendation to the employee’s Bureau Chief.

Bureau Chief

10. Makes final decision on the reimbursement for the equipment.

11. Forwards Quartermaster the Form 13.18 with instructions for reimbursement.


12. Issues the employee replacement equipment.

13. Records the replacement equipment on the officer’s equipment record with their signature attached.


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