9.020 - Uniform

Effective Date: 06/01/2017


1. The Chief of Police Approves All Uniforms

2. All Department Uniform Standards are Maintained in the Uniform Reference Catalog (Available on the Audit Unit or Policy Unit SharePoint Page)

Officers will not wear uniform items not located in the URC without written permission from the Chief of Police.

Exception: Officers may wear black suspenders for gun belts with a signed medical exemption letter from the Employment Services Lieutenant.

3. The Audit, Policy & Research Section Maintains the URC

Any requests to alter or submit new uniform options to the URC will be researched and evaluated by the Uniform and Equipment Committee (UEC) and forwarded to the Chief of Police for final consideration.

Refer to 9.040 – Uniform and Equipment Committee

4. All Outward Facing Uniform Items Include Proper Identifying Markings

Any shirt, jacket, etc., worn as the outermost layer of the officer’s uniform will contain a cloth nametag on the right side chest of the uniform item.

Badges are worn as described in the URC.

During the month of September, officers may wear the SPD commemorative 9/11 badge.

Officers may wear the Seattle Police Honor Guard mourning badge in accordance with: 3.170-Honoring Those Killed in the Line of Duty.

5. Sworn Personnel Wear the Approved Patrol Uniform For Most Department Functions

On-duty personnel may wear either the class A or class B uniform year round, unless otherwise directed. This applies to both on-duty and off-duty work as an officer.

Exception: In emergencies and/or inclement weather, a Captain or above may authorize patrol to wear the Department-approved UO uniform.

6. Employees Wear Specialty Uniforms for Authorized Functions Only

Officers will respond to all Department functions in the approved patrol uniform unless:

- They are permanently assigned or on-loan to a specialty unit and performing the function of that unit.

- They are performing a follow-up investigation function.

- They are authorized by the Chief of Police to wear an alternate uniform.

7. All Sworn Personnel Maintain an Approved Patrol Uniform

All sworn employees will keep a class A uniform at their unit of assignment with all other required patrol equipment.

All sworn employees will keep all authorized Demonstration Management uniforms within their unit of assignment.

8. Sworn Personnel Working a Plainclothes Assignment Require Approval

Sworn personnel must obtain approval of their Bureau Chief prior to working any plainclothes function, whether the assignment is on duty or off duty.

9 Uniformed Personnel Will Not Address Plainclothes Officers

Plainclothes officers may only be addressed after they have initiated contact with uniformed officers.

Exception: This does not apply in criminal investigations involved in an operation with plainclothes officers


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