7.050 - Checking Out Evidence for Court

Effective Date:05/07/2019


This policy applies to all employees checking evidence out for court.

1. The Department Tracks Evidence Checked Out to Court

The Evidence Unit will maintain a record of evidence checked out for court.  See 7.050-PRO-1 Checking Out Evidence for Court.

2. Employees Will Not Store Evidence Checked Out to Court

Employees will either leave the checked-out evidence with the requesting court or return the checked-out evidence to the Evidence Unit per 7.050-PRO-1 Checking Out Evidence for Court.

Employees will not store or retain checked-out evidence beyond the time needed to transport the evidence between the Evidence Unit and the requesting court.

3. Employees Re-Seal Opened, Formerly-Sealed Items When Returning to Evidence

Employees returning opened and formerly sealed items will repackage and reseal the envelopes before submitting to the Evidence Unit.

Employees will record discrepancies in weight or amount in a Supplement report.

7.050-PRO-1-Checking Out Evidence for Court


1. Provides a Report Number and a court cause number from the subpoena to the Evidence Unit employee.

Note: The court cause number is required.

Evidence Unit Employee

2. Retrieves the evidence.

3. Records the Report Number, Cause # and items information on the Receipt for Evidence (pink form 13.2.2).

  • Gives the requesting employee two receipt copies of the signed form.

4. Completes the computer transfer of item.

5. Creates an Evidence Continuity Record in the RMS.

6. Gives the item to the requesting employee.


7. Signs the Receipt for Evidence (form 13.2.2)

8. Brings the checked out evidence to the requesting court.

9. If the checked-out evidence is left with the court or prosecuting attorney, obtains the signature, printed name and Washington State bar number of the requesting prosecuting attorney on the Receipt for Evidence (form 13.2.2).

9a. Leaves a copy of the signed Receipt for Evidence with the checked-out item.

9b. Delivers the original signed Receipt for Evidence to the Evidence Unit before ending their shift.  If the Evidence Unit is closed then return the “signed” slip in the “drop box”  in the Evidence Unit Lobby.


10. If the item is not retained by the requesting court, returns the checked-out item (with slip) to the Evidence Unit before ending their shift.


11. If the item is returned after business hours (0600-1800), returns the checked-out item with a copy of the Receipt for Evidence (form 13.2.2) signed in the “Returned By” and then places the item and form in an evidence locker.