6.030 - Body Cavity Searches

Effective Date: 7/1/1996


Requests for body cavity searches of suspects shall be made only when it is necessary and justifiable. Body cavity searches are justifiable if they meet the requirements of State law (RCW Chapter 10.79).

I. General

A. Body cavity searches shall not be conducted by Seattle Police Officers.

B. The actual body cavity search will be conducted by medical personnel of Harborview Medical Center or an approved medical facility.

II. Procedures

A. An officer who has probable cause to believe that evidence of a crime or a weapon or contraband is concealed in body cavities must obtain written authorization from a lieutenant or above and a search warrant.

B. A police officer who is the same sex as the person being searched must be present during the search by the hospital medical personnel, and will be responsible for preparing the necessary documentation required under RCW 10.79.080(4).