3.050 - Coordinating Officer Fatalities

Effective Date: 11/9/2007

I. Definitions

A. Coordinating Officer

1. Rank of Lieutenant,

2. Assigned by the Bureau Chief of the Deceased,

3. Acts as the coordinator for all necessary arrangements.

B. Liaison Officer

1. Assigned by the Coordinating Officer.

2. Close personal friend of the victim within the Department.

3. Serves as a liaison assisting the family.

C. Event Officer

1. Honor Guard Commander.

2. In charge of organizing the funeral and associated ceremonies.

II. Coordinating Officer Duties

A. Determine if the officer’s spouse or family is in need of monetary assistance.

1. Available funds:

a. Police Relief $5,000, and

b. Police Guild $2,500.

2. If there is no immediate need for funds, wait so that all the insurance claim forms can he handled at one time. This includes Social Security, Veteran’s Assistance Benefits, and City of Seattle Death Policies.

B. Assign a plain car for full-time use until the tasks are completed.

1. Use to transport the family until after the funeral.

C. Gather the property from the officer’s locker and prepare a written inventory.

1. Assign an officer to assist and record items.

2. Check with spouse or family for disposition of property.

3. Return city property to the Quartermaster.

a. Complete in a timely manner so that the last pay check can be issued.

D. Check with the Human Resources Section regarding benefits.

1. Obtain and complete all necessary forms.

2. Take forms to spouse or next of kin for signature after the funeral.

3. The following documents are required in order to process claims:

a. Marriage certificate, if applicable.

b. Birth certificate of any children.

c. Certified copies of death certificate.

4. Contact the deceased officer’s spouse or family to determine if they desire our assistance and inform them what services the Department will provide.

a. Evaluate if security measures are needed at family's home.

5. Determine which city officials will attend the funeral.

III. Event Officer

A. Meet with the family and discuss funeral and other ceremony arrangements. Determine the type of funeral, burial or cremation, and how much Department participation is requested by the spouse or next of kin.

1. Coordinate with Department Chaplain.

B. Mortuary

1. Spouse or next of kin must make arrangements.

a. Sign paperwork.

C. Funeral and Memorial Services

1. Date and time

2. Location

3. Pallbearers

a. Furnish a list to the mortuary.

b. Make honorary pallbearer assignments.

c. Notify all pallbearers.

4. Seating Plan

D. Honor Guard

1. Arrange for Color Guard.

2. Request mutual aid from other police agency Honor Guard units.

E. Develop event plan with the assistance of the Special Deployment and Planning Unit

1. The Special Deployment and Planning Unit will:

a. Assist in writing the plan,

b. Arrange transportation,

c. Assign support personnel,

d. Develop traffic control and escort plan with the assistance of Traffic Unit, and

(1) Traffic Unit will coordinate traffic plan with other jurisdictions as needed.

(2) Develop parking plan(s).

e. Provide other planning support as needed by Event Officer.

F. Brief Chief of Police or his designee, on the funeral ceremony.

G. Ensure that teletype notification of the funeral is sent.

H. Place information in the Department Notices including the following information:

1. Time and place of services and burial

2. Whether family wishes flowers or memorials,

3. Uniform of the day, and

4. Any other pertinent information.


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