2.050 - Collective Bargaining & Contract Management

Effective Date: 5/19/2004

I. Collective Bargaining

A. The Department shall abide by applicable laws and rules governing the collective bargaining process as set forth in RCW Chapter 41.56, Seattle City Charter Article XVI, Sec. 9, and SMC 4.04.120.

B. The Department will negotiate in good faith with the representatives of public employee bargaining units and abide by the ground rules for collective bargaining that arise out of the collective bargaining process or labor arbitration.

C. The Department commits to abide, in both letter and spirit, by the negotiated labor agreement that has been signed by the authorized representatives of the City and the bargaining units, and ratified by the City Council.

II. Contract Management

A. The Chief of Police or designee will:

1. Obtain a written, signed copy of labor agreements.

2. Review and amend, if necessary, all written directives and procedures to coincide with the terms of the labor agreements.

3. Disseminate information relative to a new labor agreement, including modifications to existing agreements, to managers and supervisors of bargaining unit employees.

III. Seattle Police Department Bargaining Units

Union Name Classifications Covered:

Seattle Police Officers' Guild

Police Officer

Police Sergeant

Seattle Police Management Association

Police Lieutenant

Police Captain

Police Communications Director

IFPTE, Local 17 - Technical Unit

Identification Technician

Photographer, Senior

IFPTE, Local 17 - Professional Unit

Info Tech Systems Analyst

Photographic Services Supervisor

Crime Prevention Coordinator

IFPTE, Local 17 - Admin. Support Unit

Accounting Technician II

Accounting Technician III

Administrative Specialist I

Administrative Specialist II

Administrative Specialist III

Administrative Support Supervisor

Police Data Technician

Police Data Technician, Senior

Police Data Technician Supervisor

IFPTE, Local 17 - Info Tech Professional Unit

Info Tech Professional B

JCC - Teamsters, Local 117, Appendix “H”

Equipment Servicer

JCC - PS&IE, Local 1239, Appendix “J”


Utility Laborer

Maintenance Laborer

Washington State Council of County & City Employees

Parking Enforcement Officer

Seattle Police Dispatchers' Guild

Police Communications Dispatcher I

Police Communications Dispatcher II

Police Communications Dispatcher III

Police Communications Dispatcher, Chief

Police Communications Analyst

Systems Analyst – Police

Teamsters, Local 117

Evidence Warehouser

Evidence Warehouser, Senior