16.080 - Fireworks Disposal and Disposition

Effective Date: 11/01/2019

The Department will facilitate the collection and disposal/disposition of fireworks.


1. The Arson/Bomb Squad (ABS) Will Dispose of Recovered Fireworks

2. Officers Will Place All Fireworks Inside the Provided Fireworks Barrels

Each precinct provides a marked fireworks collection barrel. Officers will use only the provided barrels to store and dispose of fireworks.

The Seattle Fire Department will not accept fireworks for disposal. Employees will direct people to the nearest precinct for disposal of fireworks.

If questions arise about the appropriateness of placing any item in the fireworks barrel, employees will contact ABS immediately.

3. Officers Will Not Take Fireworks to the Evidence Section

4. Officers Will Not Place Fireworks Outside of the Provided Fireworks Barrels for Disposal

5. Sergeants Will Notify ABS Immediately if the Quantity of Fireworks is too Large to Safely Fit in the Barrel

6. Sergeants Will Immediately Notify ABS for Response if Collecting M-80 Size Devices, or Larger

If the size of the device is uncertain, sergeants will contact ABS for screening.

7.Officers Will Document Found or Surrendered Fireworks in a Report and Label the Fireworks “Not Needed As Evidence” When Placing them in the Fireworks Barrel

16.080-PRO-1 Handling Fireworks as Evidence

The Officer

1. Places the fireworks in an envelope or paper bag

- Do not use plastic containers due to possible explosion caused by static electricity

2. Attaches a copy of the related citation or Report Number to the envelope or paper bag

3. Gets the key to the fireworks barrel from the precinct desk officer

4. Secures the evidence in the locked barrel

5. Returns the key to the fireworks barrel to the precinct desk officer


6. Notifies ABS (206-684-8980) immediately if the quantity of fireworks is too large to safely fit in a barrel

The Arson/Bomb Squad

7. Responds and takes the fireworks into custody

16.080-PRO-2 Handling Fireworks Turned in, or Confiscated, Not Needed as Evidence:

The Officer

1. Places the fireworks in an envelope or paper bag

2. Attaches a copy of a Memorandum documenting the circumstances under which the fireworks were recovered to the envelope or paper bag

3. Places the fireworks and related paperwork into the fireworks barrel and secures the barrel with padlock provided

4. Notifies ABS immediately if the quantity of fireworks is too large to safely fit into the barrel


5. Responds and takes charge of all items for disposal


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