15.290 - Stay Out of Areas of Prostitution (SOAP)

Effective Date: 05/07/2019


When an individual is convicted of a prostitution related offense, they may be placed on SOAP probation. The probationer is restricted from entering certain geographic areas that have been identified as areas of high prostitution activity. These restrictions are generally in effect between the hours of 1100 and 0600. At the discretion of the courts, certain areas may be added or deleted, and individual orders may contain modifications.

I. SOAP Violations - General

A. The violation of a SOAP order is not a new criminal offense. It is a violation of the terms of an offender’s probation.

B. The issuing court will only enforce the order upon the appearance in court of the offender.

C. Citations will not be issued for SOAP violations.

D. Reports or Supplements should not be prepared unless the offender has been arrested for the SOAP violation.

II. Verifying SOAP Orders

A. Officers can verify the existence of a specific SOAP order and its terms by requesting that information from the Database radio operator or by telephoning either the Records Files Unit or the Human Trafficking Unit.

III. General Offense Numbers for SOAP Arrests

A. If a SOAP order exists and an arrest is made, write a Report referenced in the SOAP order. Officers should obtain the Report Number from the verifying source (Records Files Unit, Human Trafficking Unit, etc.).

B. If there are new criminal charges, obtain a new Report Number. Write a new Report and link it to the existing SOAP order Report Number. List the existing SOAP order Report Number in the narrative.

IV. Reporting a SOAP Arrest

A. Superform

1. Complete the Superform using the existing SOAP order Report Number. List “Probation Violation (SOAP) 12A.56.020” in the offense data section of the Superform.

2. If the original SOAP order Report Number is listed on the Superform, it is not necessary to provide a copy of the SOAP order.

B. Supplement Report

1. Complete the  Report using the SOAP order Report Number.

V. Reporting a SOAP Violation When There is a “New” Charge

A. Superform

1. If you arrest an individual for a crime other than SOAP and then determine that this individual is also in violation of an existing SOAP order, refer to the SOAP violation and include the SOAP order Report Number in the offense data section of the Superform.

B. Report

1. Include “SOAP – Viol” in the Offenses block of the Report bearing the Report Number for the offense which caused the arrest.

2. Link the new Report to the SOAP order Report Number. List the SOAP order Report Number in the report narrative for the benefit of the Court Unit.