10.010 - Parking at Department Facilities

Effective Date: 06/10/2019

10.010-POL-1 General Policy

1. Employees Will Not Use City-Owned Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Charge Personally-Owned Vehicles or Equipment


10.010-POL-2 Parking at the SeaPark Garage

This policy applies to all Department employees when parking in the SeaPark Garage.

The SeaPark Garage is the parking structure located at 609 6th Avenue, connected to the Seattle Police Headquarters building (HQ).

The SPD secure area consists of those portions of the 7th and 8th floor leased by the Seattle Police Department. Access to the secure area is restricted by gates.

Some parking spaces in the secured area are reserved/restricted for unit-assigned cars located at HQ, lieutenants and higher ranks assigned to HQ, and sworn employees assigned to the Office of Professional Accountability.

The access gate on the 7th floor has a proximity-card (prox-card) reader, as well as an intercom to the Motor Pool Office. The intercom may be used by employees and pre-approved visitors during normal Motor Pool operating hours: Monday through Friday from 0700 to 1500.

1. Motor Pool Employees Have Operational Control of the Secure Parking Area

If employees encounter any problems or disputes with SeaPark employees, they may contact the Motor Pool (684-8769/ 684-8772), SPD Facilities office (684-8951), or the office of the Patrol Operations Bureau.

2. Employees Who Pay for Parking in the SeaPark Garage Will Not Park in the Secure Area

This applies to both daily and monthly paid parking.

3. Unit Commanders Determine the Use of Unit-Allocated Parking Spaces in the Secure Area

Unit commanders are responsible for ensuring their employees do not use more than the unit-allocated number of parking spaces to park vehicles.

- Employees Who are Authorized to Park in the Secure Area Shall Not Park in any Area of the Garage Other Than the Secure Area

Authorization to park in the secure area does not equal an authorization to park elsewhere in the garage for free.

4. All Drivers of Marked Police Vehicles Must Take a SeaPark Ticket When Entering the Garage

A “marked police vehicle” is any Department vehicle with either exterior markings identifying it as a Department vehicle, or is equipped with emergency lights and siren. This includes Parking Enforcement vehicles.

5. Uniformed Employees Driving Marked Police Vehicles May Exit the Garage Without Paying Parking Fees

Uniformed employees, including Parking Enforcement Officers, driving marked police vehicles must:

- Write their signature and serial number on the back of the ticket

- Give the ticket to the parking attendant when exiting the garage.

Employees must be both

- In uniform

- Driving a marked police vehicle

If only one of these conditions are met, the employee must either have a validated ticket or pay parking fees upon exiting the garage. See 10.010-PRO-1 Validating a SeaPark Garage Ticket.

6. Employees Are Responsible for All Parking Fees Unless Their Parking Tickets are Validated

See 10.010-PRO-1 Validating a SeaPark Garage Ticket.

SeaPark tickets may be validated for the following:

- Employees who are attending court

- Special circumstances for which a captain or civilian director grants validation. This cannot be used for daily parking.

- This includes SPD employees, not assigned to HQ, who are attending official police business

- Employees who are participating on an oral board

- Non-SPD guests visiting HQ

7. Employees Parking With a Validated Ticket Must Park in the Non-Reserved Spots in the Secure Area

8. Motor Pool and Data Center Staff Validate SeaPark Tickets Only if All Procedures Have Been Followed

9. Motor Pool and Data Center Staff Shall Maintain Parking Validation Logs

The logs will record the time and date of ticket validations, along with the name and serial number of the employee receiving validation.

10. Employees May Access the Garage for Official Business When it is Closed

Call Communications for directions to access or exit the garage via keypad when the garage is closed.

Building security can also be contacted at 684-8077.

11. Employees Will Observe the Rules of the SeaPark Garage

The following rules apply to both the public and secure areas of the garage, absent exigent circumstances:

- Vehicles unable to park within boundary lines or which block access to other vehicles may not park in the garage

- Vehicles shall only be parked in designated spaces, well within the boundary lines

- Drive with headlights on

- Do not drive faster than 5 mph

- Intermittently honk the vehicle’s horn when backing

- Make a full stop before exiting the garage

- Always follow the one-way traffic pattern as indicated

- Limit engine idling time to a minimum

All vehicles will be properly parked:

- Emergency brake engaged

- Transmission in “park”

- Keys removed

- Lights off

- Doors locked

Small vehicles without an assigned space are to be parked in spaces marked “Small Car” whenever possible

12. The Department Will Conduct Random Audits of Employees Prox-Cards

Employees parking in the SeaPark Garage and who are in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.


10.010-POL-3 Parking Vehicles at the Outdoor Range

To ensure the availability of parking for individuals conducting training activities, individuals assigned to the range, and to individuals having contracts for the use of the Seattle Police Athletic Association (SPAA) property, restrictions must be placed on the use of the property.

1. Overnight Parking of City Vehicles Must be Pre-Authorized

No Department employee shall park a City vehicle overnight at the outdoor range without the prior written authorization of their Bureau Chief or the Education & Training Section Captain, and the Seattle Police Athletic Association's Board of Directors.

Requesting Authorization for City Vehicles:

- Submit a Memorandum through the chain of command.

- If approved by the respective Bureau Chief, the Memorandum shall be forwarded to the SPAA Board of Directors in care of the Range Manager.

2. No Employee Shall Be Allowed to Park a Private Vehicle at the Outdoor Range at Any Time, Other Than When They Are on Site, Without Prior Written Approval From the Seattle Police Athletic Association's Board Of Directors

Vehicles parked contrary to the above policy shall be subject to impoundment. The cost for the impoundment of any City vehicle shall be the responsibility of the authorized driver of the vehicle.

Requesting Authorization for Personal Vehicles:

- Submit a Memorandum directly to the SPAA Board of Directors. Requests shall include

- Name of the vehicle owner/driver,

- Unit of assignment,

- Description of the vehicle and its license number, and

- Duration for which permission is being requested.

3. All Authorizations Shall be Maintained in a File by the Range Manager (Sergeant)


10.010-PRO-1 Validating a SeaPark Garage Ticket

SeaPark tickets can be validated at the Motor Pool office Monday through Friday, from 0700 to 1515. The Motor Pool office is located at the north end of 7th floor of SeaPark Garage.

If the Motor Pool is closed, Data Center employees (5th floor of HQ) can validate parking tickets.


1. Takes the ticket to either the Motor Pool office (0700 hrs to 1515 hrs), or the Data Center (1515 to 0700 hrs), before exiting the garage

2. Presents the ticket along with any of the following:

- A subpoena to appear in court

- An overtime slip signed by a prosecuting attorney

- The initials and serial number of the captain or civilian director who approved free parking for the day

- A memo from Human Resources authorizing free parking for Oral Board participation

3. Signs the Parking Validation Log

Motor Pool or Data Center Employee

4. Stamps the ticket with a validation stamp

5. Returns the ticket to the employee


6. Presents the ticket to the parking attendant upon exiting the garage


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