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Day Camp Permits

We will start accepting Day camp applications beginning Jan 3rd, 2023. 

Day Camp are defined as: Supervised and registerable recreational activities that are open to the public and scheduled during school breaks (based on Seattle Public Schools calendar). They must be held Weekdays (M-F) at reservable Picnic Sites. The camps are then eligible for a 50% fee reduction from the normal picnic pricing. 

Anyone looking to host a day camp in a non-picnic park or during the school year can apply for a Park Use Permit by going to this link: Park Use Webpage there are no discounts for these day camps, but they can be operated in most of our 480+ parks. 

If a day camp operator is running a camp for: 10 hours or less AND for at least 4 weeks AND have 35 people or less they may qualify for a commercial use permit: Commercial Use

Note: We will not be accepting applications for shelters or tables at Gas Works Park for the 2023 season. Additionally due to technical issues Woodland lists Shelter 1, 2 and 5, but these are no longer available. Tables inside and outside of these shelters are still reservable.    

Complete online application for a Day Camp 

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