Youth Green Corps

Seattle Parks and Recreation will be recruiting in 2024 for this program.
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The Youth Green Corps (YGC) is a partnership conceived by Seattle Parks and Recreation and implemented with The Seattle Trails Alliance that educates and trains young adults through a mix of classroom experiences and outdoor forest restoration in Seattle's parks. It is a 4-month educational and career training program consisting of up to 13 Corps members.

This effort to address youth employment and create a pathway into green jobs inlcudes instruction on site management, restoration skills and management, tool safety, native plant species, invasive plant identification, and environmental stewardship. 

Members must be age 18-24, not in school and unemployed. Minimum qualifications include a high school diploma or equivalent, and possession of a currently valid WA state driver's license - plus restoration, landscaping, trail building or equivalent experience. Members receive a $1,600 per month stipend. 

YGC 2019 Cohort

Contact Chukundi Salisbury at (206) 612-6342 or email or follow the YGC on Facebook!

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