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This stretch of flat grass bordering the Seattle Yacht Club and Montlake area homes offers a viewpoint of Portage Bay and the Montlake Cut. It connects neighborhoods.

Current Project

Fourteen, 100-year-old cast-iron lampposts designed by the Olmsted Brothers were removed from Hamlin and Shelby Streets in 2019. Residents obtained the lamppost before they were scrapped and had them restored. With permission from Seattle Parks and Recreation, the lampposts will be repurposed as a colonnade in West Montlake Park. Solar lanterns will provide gentle illumination during evening hours. 


This public/private partnership received generous financial support from Hamlin and Shelby Street neighbors, the Seattle Yacht Club and Seattle Parks and Recreation.


Footings for the lampposts complete: November 2022
Colonnade complete: December 2022

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