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Offers a wide range of activities and green space in this urban neighborhood, including a large dome play structure with netted climbing features, climbing wall, half-basketball court, accessible pathways, new benches and picnic tables, open lawn, P-Patch garden plots, and bike racks.
Lake People Park
This half-acre of forested land provides views north to downtown Seattle and east to the Cascades. It also preserves a green oasis just blocks from Rainier Ave. S. A flat area at the top of the park includes benches and boulders to sit on and a picnic table. Follow the trails to read interpretive signs that help identify native plants. The park incorporates a walkway and public stairs in the Bradford St. unopened right-of-way, connecting the residential neighborhood at the top of the hill with the Rainier commercial district at the bottom of the hill.
Lake Union Park
Lake Union Park is a unique urban gem, close to the center of downtown Seattle. The park provides access to green space and the water and celebrates the cultural, maritime, and industrial heritage of the city and region.
Lake Washington Boulevard
The original boulevard, and also the first to be paved in 1907, was in Washington Park. Interlaken Blvd. was the connection between town and the various boulevards along the lake. Scattered portions to the south were called Lake Washington Blvd. and by 1920 all the sections and boulevards had been connected, and the whole length given the name Washington Blvd.
Lakeridge Park
This park is an urban oasis of forest and running water. It offers the visitor a trip down it's hiking trails to enjoy the natural setting and to retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
Lakeridge Playfield
This neighborhood playground and playfield has quite a lot to offer! Here can be found slides, regular and baby swings, a whirl, a basketball court, and a baseball field! There are even bathroom facilities here, making this a very comfortable park to hold large events in, or just spend the afternoon relaxing.
Lakeview Park
Slow down, or you'll miss this combined outlook-boulevard-picnic park at Hillside Drive, just where Lake Washington Boulevard E. begins its decent to Lake Washington. The lookout is planted with peonies backed by a stone wall, and has a good view of the lake and the Cascades. Just to the right of the lookout, a trail leads down to meet the next boulevard loop beneath a magnificent coastal redwood tree.
Lakeview Place
A small and steep slope with trees
Lakewood Playground
Very nice neighborhood playfield, complete with backstop and dugouts. There is also an adjacent playground, renovated in 2021, for those who may not be so interested in the game.
Lakewood Triangle
This park is a small walkway with a memorial and stone wall along Lake Washington.
Lambert Place
This park is a small triangle named for the original donor, Dan Lambert.
Landing Parkway
Named for its role as an approach route to a boat ramp, the Parkway consists of S. Horton Street between Sierra Place and Lake Washington Blvd.
Laurelhurst Playfield
Laurelhurst Playfield includes ball fields, tennis courts, a children's play area and meadows.
Lawton Park
Visitors to Lawton Park can enjoy leisurely strolls down a wide pathway that carries the visitor through hills, woods and grassy lawns wioth views of Ballard the the Ship Canal. Two gravel paths provide neighborhood access to the park, school, and transportation routes. Picnic tables are available.
Leschi Park
Leschi Park is a well-manicured, rolling hillside of grass planted with exotic trees and gardens of roses. Pathways follow an undulating terrain to restrooms above. A path to the right leads to a tennis court, and one to the left goes on up to a playground with slides and a sand box. A grassy spot under willows on the east side of Lakeside S. looks out on acres of sailboats and old-time ferry.
Leschi-Lake Dell Natural Area
This property is a viewpoint, ravine, and natural area.
Lewis Park
Lewis Park is located on the east slope of Beacon Hill at 1120 15th Ave. S. and just south of I-90.
Licton Springs Park
This is a park worth seeing! Rustic, natural qualities arise from the sights and sounds of trickling streams, long grasses waving in the breeze, small ponds, and winding paths through wooded preserves. There is a play area as well as public restrooms, and the park itself is available for weddings and ceremonies.
Lincoln Park
"Lincoln Park is West Seattle's major multi-purpose park - a nose-shaped bluff on Puget Sound just north of the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal. Switchbacks on the north and gentle trails to the south connect a mile of seawalls, rocky beaches to a bluff of grassy forests and meadows with play and picnic areas galore." Amazingly diverse for its size, Lincoln includes 4.6 miles of walking paths, 3.9 miles of bike trails, five picnic shelters, acres of playfields, and an outdoor heated saltwater pool and bathhouse
Linden Orchard Park
Linden Orchard was formerly the site of an apple orchard. This beautifully landscaped park includes a large lawn, a P-Patch community garden, new fruit trees, edible landscaping, a neighborhood gathering place with benches and a picnic table, interactive features for children's play, and an extraordinarily charming tool shed.
Little Brook Park
Nearly one acre in size, Little Brook Park is tucked neatly into its home neighborhood and provides a wonderful refuge from the busy hustle and bustle of nearby streets and commercial strip. Featuring a restroom, habitat with lawn and trees, and multiple benches and picnic tables, this is the perfect spot for a family outing. The park's central feature is the extensive play are with equipment suitable for kids of all ages including an infant maze and toddler section.
Llandover Woods Greenspace
Several beautiful gravel-surfaced trails wind their way through dense northwest forest; it's often so quiet you can hear a leaf drop. One trail provides a narrow view of the Olympic range. Visitors to the park are bound to see hikers, joggers, and people walking dogs or taking in the fresh air.
Longfellow Creek Natural Area
This greenspace provides trails, bridges, and great views of natural areas and native plants.
Lowman Beach Park
Lowman Beach Park offers a beautiful shoreline with rocks and driftwood. The park offers a large lawn space for gathering, swings and a wonderful location to take in sunsets. The entire shoreline is available for hand carry boat launch.
Loyal Heights Playfield
Loyal Heights Playfield, adjacent to Loyal Heights Community Center, includes ballfields, and a children's play area, renovated in 2021.
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