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Highland Place
This is a small traffic triangle with boulders and a tree.
Hing Hay Park
Hing Hay Park - "Park for Pleasurable Gatherings" - is a hub of the International District. Terrace-like stairs lead down from Maynard to a red brick square with an ornate Grand Pavilion designed and constructed in Taipei, Taiwan. Artwork on an adjacent building features a dragon in a depiction of Asian-American history in the Northwest. The park is a popular lunch spot, and meeting place for families and friends.
Hitt's Hill Park
Hitt’s Hill is a 3.2-acre wooded hilltop on the southwest end of Columbia City that was once home to the Hitt’s Fireworks factory.
Homer Harris Park
This park in the heart of the Central Area features unique artwork, a "Unity Plaza" gathering place, picnic tables and lawn areas. Barbecue on the grill or bring a picnic lunch, and enjoy the views to Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains. The park will also include a large elephant sculpture in the children's play area.
Horiuchi Park
Named for artist C. Paul Horiuchi (1906-1999), this park is a small staircase with a community garden.
Horton Hill Corridor
This park is a staircase on the S Horton St right-of-way.
Howell Park
This secluded park offers a planted trail that leads to the beach, but that starts between two private driveways, so please be respectful. It leads down through the woods to a beach lawn. It is reached by a tiny, residential access road with no parking, but offers public shore access, benches, and great big trees.
Hubbard Homestead
The park design draws on the site's rich history and hydrological conditions. The park landscaping is young, but will grow to provide natural play in groves of trees at the northeast corner of the park and at the Hubbard homestead site. The park also includes a main lawn surrounded by meadow planting, a half basketball court, a hydro-seeded "wet meadow," and a gateway plaza at 112th Street and 5th Avenue.
Hunter Boulevard
This green street boulevard is named by and for the Hunter Tract Improvement Co. The identity of "Hunter" is not known.
Hutchinson Playground
When this playground was originally developed in 1911, it was given the community name of Rainier Beach Playground. In 1965 the community petitioned the Park Board to rename this playground in honor of a former resident who had achieved great fame in the baseball world, Fred Hutchinson (1919-1964).
Hyde Place
Deeded to the City in 1911 by Maude & Oliver McGilvra, this traffic triangle was named to honor D.N. Hyde, member of the first City Council 1870.
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