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Named after pioneer realtor Norman B. Judkins, Judkins Park is a multipurpose park corridor in the Central Area. Its six-block strip of green enlivens the Rainier Valley with picnic, play and sports areas with wide grass fields, a skatespot, spraypark, and picnic tables. Both an abundance of facilities and attractive landscaping here draw residents from all over the Central Area and Rainier Valley all year long. The park is kept well lighted at night by a veritable forest of lamps. 

Judkins Park is roughly divided into two sections, north and south. For access to the south part, turn west off 23rd S. at Day Street and find play areas, a shelter, barbecues, basketball hoops, a skatespot, multi-use courts, and a lookout area with benches and restrooms. North of S. Norman Street you will find another shelter house, two spacious ballfields, play equipment, lots of open green fields, and restrooms. More parking space can be found on the east and north sides.

The portion of Judkins Park north of Charles Street is leased by Seattle Public Schools to Seattle Parks and Recreation. Seattle Parks maintains and permits this space for athletic use.

Judkins Park New Trail Lighting and Hiawatha Stairway Connection

Seattle Parks and Recreation is collaborating with the Seattle Department of Transportation on improving connections and lighting in Judkins Park in anticipation of the new light rail station.  Learn more here: https://www.seattle.gov/transportation/projects-and-programs/current-projects/judkins-park-station-access-project

Judkins Park Upper Shelter House Renovation Project

In 2024, Seattle Parks and Recreation will begin planning a project that will include circulation, play area and restroom improvements. As part of this project we will conduct a pre-planning phase to establish scope and budget for rebuilding the upper Shelter House and Comfort Station. 

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