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Denny Blaine Lake Park is a pocket park offers a small lake and a "train station" type shelter. This is one of five small parks in the area donated by the Denny-Blaine Land Company, a real estate development company. The parks are Minerva Fountain (commonly known as Denny-Blaine Lake Park), Stevens Park, Viretta Park, Children's Park (now Howell Park), and Whitman Place (now Denny-Blaine Park). The Denny-Blaine Land Company was operated by Elbert F. Blaine (1857-1942) and Charles L. Denny (1861-1919). Blaine was a member of the board of park commissioners from 1902 to 1908, an advocate of the Olmsted plan, and has been called "the father of Seattle's Park System." Denny was a civic activist engaged in many business interests and a son of Seattle founder Arthur Armstrong Denny (1822-1899). The name Minerva Fountain is in honor of Minerva Stone Blaine (1861-1940), the wife of Elbert F. Blaine. The Denny-Blaine company built a shelter at Minerva Fountain for trolley riders, which also served as a realty office for the company. The name the park is now known by is derived from a sign on that structure stating the ultimate destination of many of the trolley riders, Denny-Blaine Park, which is on Lake Washington.

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