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We are happy to announce that the Christie Park renovation is complete and open to the public (Sept. 2020)! Seattle Parks and Recreation purchased 0.11-acres directly adjacent and south of Christie Park, 4257 9th Ave. NE, in 2012 to increase the open space for the University District urban village.

The larger renovated park features an open lawn, plantings, trees, a multi-use plaza with donated art, a loop trail, and a fitness area. The Friends of Christie Park, formed by the Taiwanese American Community in Greater Seattle, provided the funding for the "Explorer Voyage" art piece by Paul Sorey. The three stainless steel art boat sculptures celebrate the explorer spirit and friendship between the people of Seattle and Taiwan. The park art includes Paul Sorey's boats modeled after Taiwanese Aboriginal's boats "Tatala", that offer seating areas, cultural tiles installed at the entrance to the park and decorative lighting for the boats. The word "EXPLORE" is written in different languages around the entry circle reflecting many cultures all sharing the same values and steel "ribbon" in the concrete represent water. 

Funding for this park project is provided by the Seattle Park District. Thank you to the Friends of Christie Park and the U-District Partnership for their support of this project and assistance during the public process. 

The design incorporates accessibility in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as Seattle Parks and Recreation's intent to create access to open space in areas of high urban density.

Formerly NE 43rd St. Mini Park, this park was renamed in May 1981. 

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