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Burke-Gilman Trail Map & Guide from SDOT

The Burke-Gilman Trail is a popular recreational trail for walkers, runners, cyclists, skaters and commuters. The trail is jointly maintained by the Seattle Department of Transportation and Seattle Parks and Recreation.

Following the historic route of a former rail corridor previously owned by Burlington Northern Railroad, the Burke-Gilman trail became an official dedicated multi-use path in 1978. Learn more about the history of the Burke-Gilman Trail and the role that community played in its conception in History Link’s article, “The original 12.1-mile stretch of the Burke-Gilman Trail, Seattle's popular cycling and pedestrian trail, is dedicated on August 19, 1978.” 

Seattle Department of Transportation Bike Resources

Seattle Bicycle & Pedestrian Program: (206) 684-7583
Seattle Bicycle Program 

Trail Repairs Program

Seattle Parks and Recreation conducts routine maintenance to ensure that the Burke-Gilman trail remains a safe, accessible, and enjoyable resource for all users. 

Please see the Burke-Gilman Trail Repairs project page for more information. Support this project through the Seattle Parks Foundation.

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