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Alvin Larkins Park provides a place of respite for the neighbors and merchants in the nearby Madrona business area. Seattle Parks and Recreation bought the land for the park, located at the corner of E Pike St. and 34th Ave. E in Madrona, in 1973 and developed it in 1975. It features benches set along a path that winds through the park; it is landscaped with maple, pine and fir trees, and has an expanse of lawn that's perfect for tossing a Frisbee or a ball. In spring the cherry trees provide a pop of pink. This popular neighborhood gathering place hosts picnics, barbecues, music and other events.

Alvin Larkins Park was named in 1979, based on the recommendation of the Madrona Community Council.  Al Larkins was a brilliant musician and teacher who devoted time and energy to the Madrona community, where he lived from 1949 until his death in 1977.

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