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Get Moving 2023 Grant info coming soon; please watch this page.

About the Get Moving Initiative

The Get Moving Initiative allows Seattle Parks and Recreation to provide, through funding, culturally relevant physical activities, events and programs in neighborhoods and for communities that have Health Disparity Indicators of 20% or higher in the categories of "no physical activity" and "rates of obesity", as defined in the 2014 King County Public Health Survey.  

Several strategic goals support the cornerstones of the Get Moving Initiative, which can be summarized by the topics of Resources, Access, Opportunity and Equity. The result is a mix of programs and funding that support the Initiative's vision: to ensure that people from communities and neighborhoods afflicted by health disparities are accessing and participating in Seattle Parks and Recreation's equitably distributed health and fitness programs. (click the graphic for a larger view)

overview of Get Moving goals and offerings

The Get Moving Fund

The Seattle Park District-funded Get Moving Fund supports local nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and community groups in offering innovative and culturally relevant events and/or projects to increase participation in community sports, recreation and physical fitness activities that serve under-resourced communities (such as immigrant populations, people of color, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ etc.). The goal of the Get Moving Fund is to increase participation and opportunities for physical activities, prioritizing neighborhoods and communities afflicted by health disparities. 

Big Day of Play 

Big Day of Play is an amazing annual event that showcases Seattle Parks and Recreation's Get Moving Initiative and reflects the diversity of our vibrant community. The day features demonstrations and information that highlight the range of health and wellness programs and activities available through Seattle Parks and Recreation. Big Day of Play is an event that provides educational resources, family activities, entertainment, and healthy food. Download the Sponsorship Packet here, and learn more about the event by watching this video.

Community Engagement Ambassadors

Community Engagement Ambassadors, or CEAs, engage underrepresented Seattle residents and reduce barriers for them to access City programs and resources. By building awareness among hard-to-reach audiences about opportunities, services and programs, they help to increase physical activity and health awareness within high health disparity populations, including people of color, immigrants and refugees, persons with disabilities, and LGBTQ communities. CEAs provide support for individuals who may need help navigating City and application processes, and assist community members in planning and implementing physical programs, special events and athletic activities in their respective communities.

Rec'N the Streets

Bringing recreation directly to the people who need it, Rec'N the Streets offers "pop-up" scalable fun and play for all ages. Whether it's a small park with ten kids or a festival of 150, the program fits the environment. In 2018 Rec'N the Streets partnered with Kaiser Permanente and other sponsoros to to participate in Big Day of Play, neighborhood block parties and festivals like Umoja Fest, Festival CentroAmericano, and the United Way/City of Seattle Summer Meals program. 

Free Health and Wellness Classes

When community centers reopen post-pandemic, these classes for all ages provide regular outlets for fun, fitness and togetherness at four community centers in Seattle:

  • Soul Line Dance at Garfield Community Center, Saturdays from 11 am to 1 pm
  • Hip Hop Spin at Rainier Community Center, Wednesdays from 6 to 7 pm and 7 - 8 pm.
  • Zumba at Rainier Beach Community Center, Wednesdays from 6:30 - 7:30 pm.
  • Total Body Conditioning at Van Asselt Community Center, Saturdays from 9 -10 am.

Please see the Recreation for All page for information about our program that provides financial support to local nonprofit organizations, small businesses, community groups, and individuals to provide culturally relevant programs and events throughout the City of Seattle  

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