Phinney Ridge

Address: 5926 3rd Ave NW


  • Accessible Raised Beds

About The P-Patch

Number Of Plots: 21
Established: 1991
Size: 2,600 sq. ft.
Wait Time: 1-2 years

Phinney Ridge P-Patch AKA Billy Goat's Bluff
(submitted by a Phinney Ridge P-Patch community gardener)

The slope was so steep we almost rolled off the hill. "So that's what a 30% grade looks like." We were standing on the top of Phinney Ridge looking toward the Sound as Eldon and Claire talked of their dream of turning this derelict street right-of-way into the Hanging Gardens of Phinney Ridge. Their dream took our collective breath away and made us think of mountain goats.

Eldon and Claire worked with their community to secure grant funding for materials to tame the neighborhood 4-wheel drive raceway and turn it into a garden. Clearing the site was hard enough; but, then construction day dawned. Three hundred forty timbers arrived on a flatbed truck, weighing 100 pounds each. Volunteers unloaded timber, carved terraces into the hillside, built raised garden beds, and made fast friendships. Finally 1,200 volunteer hours later, after a winter's rest and renewed spring energy, they finished. The garden beds were filled with soil and truckloads of goat manure. The vegetables soon sprang out of the soil.

The garden was dedicated in August 1991 as the Phinney Ridge P-Patch, but it is affectionately known as Billy Goat's Bluff because of the goat manure and the fact that only mountain goats could garden on such a steep slope.

The site is a testament to what people of vision, dedication, and energy can do together. A plaque on 3rd Avenue NW is dedicated to Eldon, who never got to see his dream completed. Bob and Kathryn were awarded commendations from Mayor Norman Rice for their pivotal roles in completing the garden.

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