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Acting with Urgency and Compassion

The Unified Care Team (UCT) brings together more than a dozen city departments and partners for a coordinated, strategic, and data-driven approach to ensuring Seattle’s public spaces, sidewalks, and streets remain open and accessible to all. One of Mayor Harrell’s first actions in office, the formation of the Unified Care Team is helping set a new standard for collaboration and data-driven action.

An urgent and compassionate response requires coordination across many City departments, from transportation to economic development, permitting, parks, and human services. The UCT operational structure aligns the efforts of all departments, to reduce silos and isolated decision-making. This innovative approach is building a system that responds to the reality of what is happening on the ground to help provide the support housed and unhoused residents need.

  • The UCT focuses on the delivery of core municipal functions (such as public safety, hygiene, trash removal, open parks, accessible rights of way) and coordinating with the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (KCRHA). KCRHA is the independent agency charged with developing and executing a regional strategy to end homelessness in Seattle, and is in charge of diversion, shelter, rapid re-housing, transitional housing services, permanent supportive housing services, and the deployment of contracted outreach providers.

  • Residents can submit requests and report illegal dumping, graffiti, or unauthorized encampments to the UCT through the City’s Find It Fix It mobile app or Customer Service Portal.

  • In 2023, the UCT will shift from a citywide approach to neighborhood-based teams to coordinate focused efforts, track progress, and build relationships with the community, neighbors (both housed and unhoused), outreach teams and businesses within their region.

Track the City’s progress on our homelessness crisis at the Homelessness Action Portal.

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