Hotel Employees Safety Protections Ordinance

Ordinance: SMC 14.26

Hotel Employees Safety Protections Q & A

2022 Hotel Safety Protections Ordinance Fact Sheet

Notice of Community Advocate and Crime Victim Rights

The Hotel Employees Safety Protections Ordinance

As of July 1, 2020, hotel employers and ancillary hotel business employers are required to take measures to prevent, address, and respond to violent or harassing guest conduct. These measures include:

  • Providing panic buttons to employees
  • Posting signage in guest rooms
  • Implementing policies and procedures that address violent and harassing guest conduct and sharing them with guests and employees
  • Restrictions on assigning employees to work in or make deliveries to a guest's room where its occupant has been accused of violent or harassing conduct.
  • Allowing the survivor employee to be reassigned away from the guest if they wish
  • Providing the survivor employee with paid leave to work with law enforcement and/or to consult with a support person about the incident

For more information about covered employers and employees, the law, and required postings, please view the QA and our Resources and Language Access pages.

Partnership with King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (KCSARC)

Support for Hotel Workers who need confidential advocacy services

The Office of Labor Standards has contracted with the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center, a community-based victim's advocacy organization with a 24-hour hotline, to provide hotel workers with free confidential advocacy services at any hour of the day and all days of the week. The community advocate will explain the rights provided by this law and options for what to do, provide referral services, and assist workers to report an incident of violent or harassing conduct by a hotel guest, if they chose to do so. Access to these services is not contingent upon reporting an incident of misconduct by a guest and a worker may access services solely to assess their options.

KCSARC Services Support for Hotel Workers

Apoyo a los Trabajadores del Sector Hotelero

KCSARC's confidential services can be reached by dialing: 1-888-99-VOICE (1 (888) 998-6423). To learn more about KCSARC, please visit:

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