WSCC Expansion

Review Status

On November 16, 2017, we reviewed the proposed public benefit package for the Washington State Convention Center (WSCC) expansion. At this meeting, we voted to approve the public benefit package with several conditions.

Project Description

The WSCC is proposing to vacate three alleys and two streets on three blocks bounded by Pine St, 9th Ave, Howell St, and Boren Ave. The petitioner is requesting the full vacation of the following three mid-block alleys:

  • Block 33 (Site B) - bounded by 9th Ave, Howell St, Terry Ave, and Olive way
  • Block 43 (Site C) - bounded by Terry Ave, Howell St, Boren Ave, and Olive Way
  • Block 44 (Site A) - bounded by 9th Ave, Olive Way, Boren Ave, and Pine St

The petitioner is also requesting a subterranean street vacation of Terry Ave, between Olive Way and Howell St, and Olive Way, between 9th Ave and Boren Ave.

The preferred scheme includes approximately 2.385 million square feet (sf) of development on three sites. The WSCC expansion would occur on Site A only. The remaining two sites will include co-developments. The preferred proposal includes 1,165,000 square feet dedicated to the convention center expansion, 385 residential units, 575,000 square feet of office space, 42,000 square feet dedicated to street-level uses, below-grade parking for 700-800 vehicles, and below-grade loading services.

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