Northwest Native Canoe Center

Review Status

On October 21, 2021 the SDC approved unanimously, 7 to 0, with recommendations the design development plans (90% design) for the Carving House of the Northwest Native Canoe Center. We will not review this building again, but when the Welcome House of the Northwest Native Canoe Center is designed we will review that. 

On February 18th, 2021, we reviewed the concept design (30% design phase) for the Northwest Native Canoe Center. At this meeting we voted to approve the concept design with several recommendations. We will review the project again prior to it reaching the design development phase (90% design phase).

Project Description

United Indians of All Tribes Foundation and Seattle Parks and Recreation are proposing to build an approximately 2,860 square foot canoe carving building (Carving House) in Lake Union Park. The Carving House is the first of two buildings, which will be located on this site in the northwestern corner of the park. The second building, a Welcome House, is not being developed at this time.

The building will be a contemporary Coast Salish, one-story, timber post and beam structure with cedar cladding. It will have some operable and some inoperable large glass doors and windows, and a living roof. The building will be placed near the water so that canoes can be moved in and out easily. The roof will extend over the beach. The building and site will be used for carving and other cultural educational activities. A modest 120 square feet of multi-purpose back-of-house space is planned. The building includes restrooms for the general public.

October 21, 2021 Meeting

February 18, 2021 Meeting

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